Monday, 19 May 2008

The electrics are nearly complete.

I am always disappointed that I cant make the electrics look more tidy. I am an EE but I guess I need the skills of an electrician, which I don't have, to do this well. Despite those draw backs, I thought it might be worth including some pictures so others can get my approach to the location of the various electrical building blocks.

Power comes through the firewall on the RHS of the fuselage to a fuse panel which is attached to the sidewall. There are nut plates for this inside the cowl cheek for this to attach to.

The intercom is just below the fuse block.

All of the wiring to the various engine sensors transits the firewall on the LHS.

The LHS is pretty empty except for the cables going aft to the stick and wing leveler.

I have used the area below the role bar to house pilot and P2 headset jacks, switches and indicators for electric seats, and a PTT for P2. I haven't quite finished the wiring in this picture.

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